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Page history last edited by Stephen Rice 14 years, 2 months ago

Stephen L. Rice has recently become accustomed to referring to himself in the third person. He has also picked up the habit of calling himself "Caesar."


He sat back in his chair, filled his Meerschaum (German for "sea-scum") pipe with bubble solution, and enunciated his words so forcefully that they actually imprinted themselves on his computer.


Stephen, or Caesar, was born in 1963, some say. Some, however, contend that he was born in Colorado. No one appears to have straightened this out yet. Stephen does not remember the event in any case, and suspects he was not there at the time. A stunt double may have been involved.


Early on, Stephen showed a talent for words and writing. However, he also displayed a tendency to say as little about himself as possible in introductory bios, so that a factual statement would be buried amongst nonsense. This probably reveals something psychologically significant about him, but fortunately thus far no one has cared.


He has a B.A. (double major) in Linguistics and in Foreign Languages, and an M.A. in English (Professional Writing and Editing), both from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. His writing frequently involves someone with an interest in languages, and he has been known to invent languages for stories.


He was twice world champion bagpipe-hurler. He might have made it the third time, but in the excitement he forgot to remove the piper, resulting in strained haggis and a burst sporan.


His G.R.E. Verbal score was 800 out of 800, which he attributes to his habit of reading in his dreams.


He writes mostly science fiction, with an emphasis on scientific and theological accuracy. He won't write a story he can't justify theologically.


He is particularly proud that he has gotten this far without mentioning flying monkeys, a remarkable achievement considering that he has been appointed "Honorary Royal Flying Monkey of Oz" for top-secret activities. (Don't ask--if he told you, he'd have to drop a house on you.)  He has also been knighted into the Order of the Namers of Tongues of the Imperial Academy of Monty.


His first novella was Galatea, a Tale of the Atonement, but the first story he started on was A World Apart, intended to be the first book of a YA sci-fi series. He tends more toward series at the moment, such as "Changelings," "The League of Superheroes," and "The False Dawn." A list of his fiction can be found here.


He occasionally writes something he claims is funny. He is supposed to take pills for that, but he hides them in his sinuses instead.


His current projects include "The League of Superheroes" origin series (he is now working on the fifth and final origin book, Genie Reborn) and several short stories. The first book in the series, The League of Superheroes, has been published by The Writer's CafĂ© Press.


He frequently complains of sinus trouble.


He is survived by whoever outlives him, which is likely to be a few billion people.


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