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(By first name. If you want the last name, use your search function.)


Allen Peters--super-hacker; his character is Tachyon, able to speed or slow time in his area. From The League of Superheroes.

Charlie Taylor--Micromegas, a size-changer. He hopes someday to be a medical missionary. From The League of Superheroes.

Clarice Peters--Allen Peters’ (Tachyon) little sister and perhaps Genie’s best friend. From The League of Superheroes.

Genie--the greatest genius the world has ever seen, and possibly the greatest threat. From The League of Superheroes.

Heather Blair--a 43-year-old teenager; a frail girl who could bench-press a small car and run faster than some local speed limits. Her father is one of the Sons of God as mentioned in Gen. 6:2. From the series "Changelings."

Mike Q. Fagin--a self-described "itinerant weirdo" who decides to settle down with a somewhat peculiar multi-generational family. Mike acts like a loon, but he is apparently capable of superhuman feats of intelligence, memory, strength and speed. He also seems to have an extra personality or so... From The Janus File.

Rod Davies--a klutzy, diplomacy-impaired beanpole who is also a certified genius in math and physics. His character is Titan, a walking and flying tank. From The League of Superheroes.

Simon Spencer/Jenkins--a mysterious young man with superhuman abilities and a marked skepticism for spiritual matters. He is Ted Pierce's older brother, but raised by a family on the wrong side of the law. From the series "Changelings."

Ted Pierce/Jenkins--a high-school freshman who is comfortable with his adopted status and his life in general until he is yanked into a world just outside our own. From the series "Changelings."

Tom Reilly--a scientifically inclined polyglot, narrator of the series "League of Superheroes." His character is Darklight, an invisible spy. From The League of Superheroes.

Uncle--initially Genie's only friend, this elderly gentleman becomes the League's coordinator and mentor in non-spiritual areas. From The League of Superheroes.

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