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The League of Superheroes


Four teenage boys and one little sister discover someone in a chat room who claims to be a little girl named Genie, but whose scientific knowledge and technology are a few centuries ahead of anyone else.


Who or what is Genie? The most intelligent mortal in history—an integral part of the most powerful force mankind has ever unleashed. And she does not consider herself subject to the laws of God or man.


On a whim, Genie transforms her new friends into the League of Superheroes:


Titan—a walking and flying tank—is Rod Davies, a klutzy, diplomacy-impaired beanpole who is also a certified genius in math and physics;

Darklight—an invisible spy—is the narrator, Tom Reilly, a scientifically inclined polyglot;

Tachyon—able to speed or slow time in his area—is Allen Peters, super-hacker; and

Micromegas—a size-changer—is Charlie Taylor, who hopes someday to be a medical missionary.

And then there are Clarice Peters, Allen’s little sister and perhaps Genie’s best friend, and "Uncle," the mysterious elderly man who was the first to treat Genie like a human being…


But can even superheroes save her (and the world) from her so-called creators—and from Genie herself?


There are five stories in the origin series ("Pandora's Lamp"):

The League of Superheroes The initial story, introducing the main characters and Genie's situation. (Available now from The Writer's Café Press!) You can read the first chapter here.


Genie At Large Genie is now free from Unity's constraints, but will she use her freedom wisely? We also encounter the primary villain for the series, Nathan Scott, and a minor "villain," Rev. Walker of Churches for Choice, who believes that abortion is nearly a sacrament. Between them, they introduce a spiritual dimension that Genie's genius and technology cannot match--and which she refuses to accept.


Unity Six At the very moment that the unity of the League is threatened, a new form of an old enemy emerges, and we learn of Rev. Walker's past. And Genie makes the right choice--if perhaps for the wrong reasons.


Anchor Point Nathan Scott unleashes a devastating attack just as Genie is about to succeed. Will she be lost forever?


Genie Reborn The final vestige of Genie's legacy comes to light as Nathan Scott reveals his answer to Genie: Afreet. Who or what is Genie now? And who is the real superhero?


A kind of teaser or verbal trailer for the "Pandora's Lamp" series is here.

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