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The idea here involves elements from imaginary book covers interspersed with quotes from the stories.


The League of Superheroes

On a whim, Genie uses a data-correlation engine, Unity Five, to create the League of Superheroes. But can even superheroes save her (and the world) from her so-called creators—and from Genie herself?


Foreground/bottom: the League, white body outlines superimposed on black suit outlines, from Rod’s beanpole overlaid on the tank-like Titan suit to Tom/Darklight’s more human form to Allen/Tachyon’s still-more compact suit and ending with Charlie/Micromegas’s slightly more bulky outfit. Allen's little sister, Clarice, stands on the far right.


“She isn’t really a little girl, is she?”


Background /top: An anime-style cartoon girl peers out from beneath a cowl, a worried or puzzled look on her face. Behind her is the faint image of an old-fashioned oil lamp.


“Genie is a little girl—or at least she should be. And if I can find a way to bring it about, she shall be a little girl. May God have mercy on us all for what we did to her. For that matter, may he have mercy on her because of what we did.


“Haven’t you realized yet what they did—the abomination they committed?”



Genie at Large

An old friend and two new enemies. Has the evil of Ethan Scott and Unity Five been duplicated?


Foreground/bottom: The boys kneel in prayer, surrounded by suit parts.


Genie had indeed returned. But what were we going to do about it?


Background/top: Genie’s face, like the earlier cartoon face, but now an actual face of a woman in her twenties. Her eyes reflect a lamp, which is otherwise absent.


I turned and once again looked into eyes that God had never formed.


“Charlie?” I asked. I couldn’t even explain the patently insane thought that had come to me.

“Do it,” he whispered.

I could hear Allen murmuring in the background, “The Lord is my shepherd…” Then his audio cut out…

“What are you doing?” Uncle asked.

“We are engaging our secret weapon, Uncle. Don’t worry.”


Unity Six

The worst enemy is spiritual: the super suits can’t defend against that. What is stalking the League, and how? Also, the two sentences the superheroes had hoped never to hear.


Foreground: Charlie and Clarice are on the left, the others on the right, and Uncle (a man with a cane) is in the middle. A faint group of people surrounds them all.


“Genie…will never be a regular little girl.”


Background: The cartoon Genie and the lamp again. She looks puzzled and distressed.


“This is the voice of Unity Six.”



Anchor Point

After probing, Nathan Scott launches a devastating attack against the League—and their friends. Tom and Charlie risk oblivion to help Genie find her anchor point before she is lost forever.


Foreground/bottom: The superheroes have their helmets off. On the left, Charlie is consoling Rod; on the right, Tom and Allen try to comfort Clarice.


“When all is lost, all that matters is finding the way home.”


Background/top: The lamp is shattered. There is no image of Genie.


“Father, if this works out the way it looks, I’m afraid I’m not going to like you very much for a while.”

I was almost too astonished to respond, but I whispered, “What did he say?”

“He said, ‘I can handle that. Can you?’ And then I said, ‘With your help, Father, yes, I can handle it.’ And he said, ‘That’s what matters, isn’t it?’”


Background/middle: On the left, a woman’s form is sprawled on the ground; on the right, that of a man with a cane. In the middle, larger, a girl lies supine--unconscious or dead, perhaps.


All is well. Genie is gone. Hope has come.



Genie Reborn

A mystery man gives a strange warning about an Afreet just before being abducted, and the League faces ruin just when success seems certain. But that can work both ways.


Foreground: The superheroes, unsuited, and Uncle are on the wrong end of a number of guns.


Smithers already had his gun out. He swung swiftly around, shoved it in her face and pulled the trigger.

And everything went black.


Background: A girl’s face on the left (her right), split with the old cartoon Genie on the right. There is a cross-shaped gleam in the girl’s eye, a lamp in the cartoon’s eye.


“Who are you?”

“Don’t you know, Tom? I am Genie.”

“You can’t be! Genie is… Genie's gone.”


The reply made Uncle turn pale.


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