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MoL 02

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago

At the Mountains of Lunacy:

Rogues' Gallery


Murray the Alchemist: Okay, here it is. Remember, bitmaps add twenty pounds!


Rod/Titan: And fat adds another forty.


Murray the Alchemist: No wonder your head's so big. But I can't complain, I guess, except that the picture makes me look bald--


Rod/Titan: I thought it was the lack of hair.


Murray the Alchemist: I wish you had a lack of mouth! Anyway, it was Olaf (or "Go-laugh" to his brothers) who really got messed up:

Looks nothing like him. Even Steve admits it--he only used the image because he needed someone with glasses for his "four-eyes" gag. Actually, Lou Garou looks more like Olaf:

Though he also looks a lot like Lou Garou.

Finally, there's Lovaduc (originally "Lufaduc"):

The picture's pretty accurate, but you have to see him waddle to get the full effect.


Anyway, for the next page or so, you have to know the story. So get a copy of Light At the Edge of Darkness and pick up some culture.


Rod/Titan: We still have a spare image:


Murray the Alchemist: I hope no nursing mothers saw that! I don't know what it is, but at least we didn't run into it. Maybe it's what Shecky the Paladin looks like inside his armor!


Rod/Titan: There's a note: "For more info, visit www.frankcreed.com now."


Murray the Alchemist: After seeing that? Only a dangerously warped person would try that site!


Rod/Titan: Murray, step away from the browser!


Murray the Alchemist: I was just gonna bookmark it. Anyway, let's go to the next page, quick!

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