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MoL Intro

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At the Mountains of Lunacy:

Lost Scenes


Murray the Alchemist: Okay, we're on! Cue the music!

Cue the music, already!

What do you mean, you can't?

Okay, so they'll have to do without my version of the 1812 Overture...

You could at least show my face!


Rod/Titan: The idea's to draw them in, not scare them off.


Murray the Alchemist: Watch it, you Shecky impersonator! You should respect your elders, and I'm older than you.


Rod/Titan: I figured that out by smell alone.


Charlie/Micromegas: He's right, Rod. Besides, he's not so bad looking. It's the explosions that are a problem.


Tom/Darklight: That's why the League of Superheroes is the only group that will work with him: our super suits protect us from the blasts.


Murray the Alchemist: Thanks for curing my insomnia. Let's get this started!

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