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List of Stories


(I have now posted the first chapter of each novel, or at least of the first installment of each series.)



Galatea—based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. The Sculptor has created a race of living statues, but they rebelled and reverted to mere clay. Can he bring them back to life, or will he die of a broken heart in the attempt? Download the complete PDF here!


The Silver Door—A boy discovers two doors in his room and begins a lifelong lesson in distinguishing between faith and imagination.



The Story Machine—A simulation engineer is shanghaied into a virtual world that he unwittingly helped create.


Out of Time—A physicist and avowed atheist attempts, using a time machine, to disprove the Bible to a fellow professor, a Christian who teaches Middle Eastern Studies. They both wind up surprised, and yes, everything does go wrong. The follow-up will be Rapture on Demand.



The Changelings—Stories about a spiritual realm largely untouched by the Fall, and about the Guardians or Sons of God, mortals called to a ministry forfeited by Adam. Stories to date: The Changelings, Force of Nature, Æther Wind, Realm of the Rephaim, The Tablets of Nimrod.


The League of Superheroes—Four teenage boys and one little sister discover someone in a chat room who claims to be a little girl named Genie, but whose scientific knowledge and technology are a few centuries ahead of anyone else. On a whim, Genie gives them outfits to copy their comic-book heroes. Who or what is Genie? What has been done to her? And what can be done about it? Stories to date: The League of Superheroes, Genie at Large, Unity Six, Anchor Point. The final book in the origin series, Genie Reborn, is underway.


A World Apart—The first story I ever started. About the adventures of three teenagers dumped into a strange world in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. A World Apart is the only story in this series so far, though six others are projected.


The Janus File—A self-described itinerant weirdo wanders into the life and home of a patched-together family consisting of two grandparents (former missionaries), two of their sons (both of whom claim to be former spies), and two grandchildren, one of whom works as an investigator for a privately-run charity. Who is the mysterious stranger, and why does he once refer to himself as Baldander? Is he really a spy or assassin, or just an extremely lucky lunatic? This is basically just for fun, though there are some good moral and ethical points to the stories. Not for serious people. The next story in the series will be Proteus is Missing.


Beyond the World’s End—A series set in a future dark age. After so many people claiming that the world was about to end, it did—sort of. Civilization and technology have collapsed, and centuries later, the survivors no longer know what really happened. Is it even worth trying to rebuild, or did some inherent flaw in Western civilization doom it to destruction from the beginning? And where is God in all this? This is mostly an attempt to present an alternative future for those who don’t realize that there is an alternative. (And yes, as always, it’s theologically sound.) The only story so far is The Gate of Hell, which introduces a sub-series of its own (The False Dawn). In The Gate of Hell, a new king, said to be a Christian, sends a young scholar out to solve the mystery of fighting corpses reported at the Gate of Hell—a place thought to be a cursed trove of pre-End technology.


Short stories--series

Martin--about a man in the early 1800s who is called to confront and destroy demonic strongholds. I have described the first story ("Sheep Among Wolves") as a "Peretti Western." The second is "Credo," Martin's origin story, which appears in Light at the Edge of Darkness.


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